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Aruba takes an unflinching approach to the myths and realities of urban marginalization. Through the eyes of 11-year-old Milan, we witness the cycle of abuse, poverty, and isolation that engulfs both his own life and his mom’s. Milan is, however, a silent witness and leaves it to us, as viewers, to flesh out the emotional and interpretive script of what we see. It’s as we come up against our own perceptions, especially media-fuelled images of violence and inner-city youth, that the film does its best work in terms of critical thinking.. This discussion starter for grades 7-12 will help students understand the struggle of inner-city children and the effects of poverty, drug abuse and domestic voilence. TEACHER PREVIEW STRONGLY RECOMMENDED. A study guide is available online at: http://www.nfb.ca/guides. (2005 ; 11 min.)

Grade Level: 
Subject Area/s: 
English Language Arts
Social Studies
Film and Video 12
Running Time : 
11 min.
Price: 1.62 CAD

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