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American Marten

The American Marten once thrived in the softwood forests of the Cape Breton Highlands. But loss of habitat has reduced their numbers so dramatically that the animal is now listed as endangered. Peter Austin-Smith is a biologist with the Nova Scotia department of Natural Resources and he is leading a program to increase the Marten population in Cape Breton. He and his team are live trapping Martens in northern New Brunswick where there are plenty of animals. Then they transport the Martens eight hundred kilometres to Cape Breton. Over time they hope the Marten population will replenish and become healthy once again. (Original Air Date: March 30, 2008)

Grade Level: 
Subject Area/s: 
Social Studies
Atlantic Canada in the Global Community
Series / Other: 
Land and Sea
Running Time : 
23 min.
Price: 1.62 CAD

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