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Alcohol Facts : Straight Up!
Health 7-9
Two engaging teen hosts present the unvarnished facts about alcohol, while realistic scenarios reveal the physical, emotional and social consequences of drinking. Follow the lives of a group of teens who: give in to peer pressure to drink; use drinking as a way to ease uncomfortable feelings; are confronted with the choice of driving with someone who has been drinking; have family members who drink excessively. Sunburst, 2005. (14 min. ; $1.62)


Health 5-9
This gripping program shares unforgettable real stories of teens fighting their abuse of inhalants, as well as two families who lost children to inhalant abuse. Several first-hand accounts illustrate that huffing inhalants is not only perilous, but can quickly lead to other types of drug abuse. In between the real stories, a group of teens talk directly to viewers addressing the addictive nature of inhalants and clearly outlining the damage these toxic chemicals cause to the brain, heart and lungs. Human Relations Media, 2007. (20 min. ; $1.62)


Smoking Out The Truth
Grades 7-9
This video focuses on the illusions and misconceptions surrounding teen smoking, exposing the faulty reasoning that leads kids to start or continue the habit. Topics covered include the methods and mind-set behind teen-targeted cigarette advertising, the ways that nicotine and tobacco damage health and personal appearance, and the fallacy of claiming, "My parents don't care if I smoke" or "I can quit whenever I want to". Use this video to show teenagers how to see through Big Tobacco marketing schemes and dead-end peer pressure. Cambridge Educational, 2006. (24 min. ; $1.62)


No Safe Amount : Women, Alcohol and FAS 
Healthy Living 7-9
Interweaving interviews with real teens who have experimented with alcohol, animated sequences demonstrating how a growing fetus is affected by alcohol use inside the womb, plus an up-close and personal look at a young woman growing up afflicted with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS), this program clearly demonstrates the unique risks that alcohol poses to women. Human Relations Media, 2007. (20 min. ; $1.62)