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Social Studies

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El Contrato
Social Studies 7 ; Law 12 ; Sociology 12
Follow Teodoro Bello Martinez as he makes an annual migration from his home in Central Mexico to Southern Ontario to pick tomatoes for conditions and wages that locals will not accept: abusive bosses, unhealthy conditions, and paying for benefits they don't receive. Despite fears of repercussions, the workers voice their need for dignity, respect, and better working conditions. National Film Board, 2003. (51 min. ; $1.62)


DNA and Dollars
Biology 11-12 ; Sociology 12 ; Global Geography 12 ; Bioethics
This film takes the viewer behind the scenes in clinics and laboratories to meet some of the major players in Canadian genetic research and into the homes of patients who have donated their DNA in the hope of finding treatments or cures for diseases. National Film Board, 2002. (48 min. ; $1.62) 


Hannah's Story
Social Studies 7-9
This engaging documentary gives new meaning to the term role model. Normally we think of children learning from their elders, but here is the story of an 11-year-old girl who is already inspiring adults to make a difference. When she was just 5, Hannah Taylor spotted her first homeless person in the back alleys of Winnipeg. This experience not only troubled her but it drove her to do nothing less than change the world, leading to the establishment of the impressive Ladybug Foundation. Under Hannah*s leadership, that charity has raised over a million dollars, literally making change for those lacking life*s basic needs. As this absorbing documentary shows, Hannah insists on being seen as normal, but clearly she possesses an extraordinary can-do attitude. Her message is disarmingly straightforward: "share a little of what you have and always care about others." Whether it's organizing Big Boss lunches, speaking to students or to a prime minister, Hannah's capacity to help others is huge, unflagging, and, ultimately, humbling. National Film Board, 2007. (29 min. ; $1.62) 


If the Weather Permits
Sociology 12 ; Global Geography 12 ; Canadian History 12 ; Inuit Culture
Elisapie Isaac, a young filmmaker born in Nunavik, decides to return to her roots on this breathtaking land and as the fundamental question:  Can Inuit culture survive in the modern world? To bridge the gap between the young and old, she lets Naalak, an elder, and Danny, a young policeman from Kangirsujuaq, tell us what they think. National Film Board, 2003. (28 min. ; $1.62) 


Law & Disorder: Animated Justice
Law 12 ; Sociology 12
How does the law affect us in our daily lives? How do we balance the freedoms, rights and responsibilities of the individual against those of a group or society? This compilation of five animated films uses humour to explore complex subjects such as: citizen's freedoms, rights and responsibilities, as well as consumer protection, advertising standards, prejudice and racism. The program could be used to explore contract law, religious freedoms and tolerance, or freedom of expression.  National Film Board, 2003. (16 min. ; $1.62) 


O Canada
Canadian Geography ; National Identity
This video comes alive as the use of contemporary and archival footage combines with a stunning rendition of the national anthem performed by a 57-piece orchestra. Appropriate for all grade levels. National Film Board, 1997. (3 min. ; $1.62)


Remember Africville
Social Studies 9-12
This film combines contemporary and historical footage and stills to tell the story of the demolition of Africville from several viewpoints. We hear from former Africville residents. human rights workers and Halifax City officials at the time of the demolition. National Film Board, 1991. (35 min. ; $1.62)


Souvenir of Canada
Social Studies 10-12
Join internationally celebrated author Douglas Coupland on a journey to find out what makes Canadians, Canadians. This film offers a satiric take on "Canadian identity" by emphasizing images and icons associated with Canada and raising issues in a thought-provoking way. Maple Pictures, 2006. (70 min. ; $1.62) 


Suzuki Speaks
Sociology 12 ; Economics 12 ; Global Geography 12 ; Environmentalism
Suzuki Speaks captures the passion and vision of world-renowned scientist and environmentalist Dr David Suzuki, who delivers the most important message of his career:  humans and our place in the universe. National Film Board, 2003. (45 min. ; $1.62) 


This is Daniel Cook
Social Studies P-2
This 2-DVD series features six-year old Daniel Cook who explores the world around him through his own candid questions, resulting in a show that entertains as well as it teaches. Simple, pure, and honest, this is a series that allows children to view everything from Daniel's perspective, seeing what he sees and learning what he learns. Each episode consists of five six-minute segments. Sinking Ship Productions, 2004. (60 min. ; $3.24) 


Understanding and Using Maps and Globes
Social Studies 4-6
This 2-DVD program is designed to present students with explanations of how maps and globes are used to represent key concepts about our planet. Part one (19 min.) explores maps and part two (23 min.) presents information about globes. The segment covering globes also includes material about using charts, graphs, and tables. United Learning, 1998. (42 min. ; $3.24)