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Self-Esteem (Loan)

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My Best Me
Grades 3-5
This video using dramatic vignettes, students learn that self-esteem is determined by how much we value ourselves and our abilities. (2006, 15 min.)


Proud To Be Me
Grades 3-5
Emphasizes the power of positive self-talk; encourages students to concentrate on what they can do, not what they can’t do. (2007, 20 min.)


The Beauty Myth
Grade 12 ; Media Studies
Naomi Wolf exposes "The Beauty Myth" from historical industrial revolution to today's billion dollar diet and beauty industry. This program encourages critical thinking about media, advertising, health, body image, and beauty. (2009, 50 min.)


Building Self Esteem
Grades 7-9
Students will learn nine steps to building self-esteem, including clarifying values, building positive relationships, setting goals, and accepting and liking yourself just the way you are. (2009, 27 min.)


Have a Healthy Self Concept
Grades 7-12
Shows teens how to develop the healthy self-concept that will enable them to set challenging goals, forge supportive, positive friendships, and develop an optimistic outlook toward their lives and futures. (2006, 18 min.)


Sexual Pressure
Grades 7-9
Sexual harassment often begins in middle school and escalates through high school. This program focuses on how teens learn to deal with treating the opposite sex. Segments include the following: Sexual dangers; Something's Wrong; Cyber dangers; It's called harassment; What's right for you (2004, 24 min.)