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Changing Phases of Matter
Science 3-6
In this program, students will witness how a substance, such as water, can exist in several dramatically different phases. Easy-to-understand examples illustrate how phase changes occur. Additional concepts and terminology: states of matter, particles, solid, liquid, gas, plasma, melting, freezing, vaporization, boiling, evaporation, condensation, and sublimation. (14 min. ; $1.41)


Describing Matter and it's Properties
Science 2-6
Matter is everywhere around us. This colorful video uses everyday examples to illustrate how matter is described, observed, and measured. Additional concepts and terminology: mass, weight, volume, density, hardness, texture, shape, flammability, size, and physical and chemical properties of matter. (14 min. ; $1.41) 


In Force: Gravity, Friction and Work
Science 3-6
This series of 18 animated episodes presents the laws of motion and includes segments on reacting to two or more forces, unbalanced forces and simple machines. (60 min. ; $1.41) 


In the Body: Organs, Health and Nutrition
Science 3-6
This series of 21 animated episodes takes you inside the amazing machine that is the human body and includes segments on organ systems, how cells survive and nutrition facts. (60 min. ; $1.41) 


In the Clouds: Air, Weather and Water
Science 3-6
This series of 19 animated episodes reveals the wonders of water and how it moves and includes segments on the atmosphere, cloud formation and regional weather changes. (60 min. ; $1.41)


Investigating Chemical Reactions
Science 3-6
From cooking food to enjoying the warmth of a fire, we use chemical reactions every day. This exciting video highlights the major characteristics and types of chemical reactions. Additional concepts and terminology: reactants, products, physical and chemical changes, chemical equation, reaction rate, and indicators of chemical reactions. (14 min. ; $1.41)


Weather on the Move
Science 3-6
This video program investigates some of the key elements responsible for weather formation. Different types of air masses and their origins are investigated, as are the formation of weather fronts. Specific weather phenomenon including tornados, hurricanes, and thunderstorms are illustrated in detail. Other important terminology includes: air mass characteristics, warm front, cold front, low pressure, storm surge, cumulonimbus clouds, and lightning. (14 min. ; $1.41)


Weathering and Erosion
Science 3-6
This program illustrates the everyday, real-life processes of weathering and erosion. Easy-to-understand examples of weathering help students differentiate between the processes of mechanical and chemical weathering. Vivid footage of processes such as freezing, thawing, condensation, and rusting help students grasp how weathering works. (14 min. ; $1.41)