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Eating Well With Canada’s Food Guide
Grades 10-12
This Canadian production gives you information about what each of the arcs in the rainbow represent, information on healthy eating habits and food labelling. Our two hosts, Steve and Tara take students through a comprehensive and informative review of what today's students should know about nutrition and staying healthy.  Mythic Productions, 2007. (22 min. ; $1.62)


Nutrition and You 
Grades 5-8
This four-part series includes the following titles:  Nutrition Basics, Balanced Diet, Healthy Eating Habits, and A Healthy Body. Visual Learning, 2007. (83 min. ; $1.62)


Portion Control 
Grades 9-12
Using the power of video to its best advantage this program teaches teens how to choose the right food portions for their body type and metabolism and to visualize these portions in memorable ways. The goal of this program is to teach teens how to correctly measure food portions using everyday, easy-to-understand analogies. Human Relations Media, 2005. (23 min. ; $1.62)


Portion Distortion  
Grades 6-8
Using video to visualize portions, this program teaches viewers the difference between supersized portions and nutritionally correct portions. Once children understand the right food portions for their body and metabolism, they can make healthy judgments about food portions at every meal, everyday, for long-term health. Human Relations Media, 2005. (19 min. ; $1.62) 


Safe to Eat 
Grades 10-12
Originally broadcast on CTV's "W-FIVE", this program looks at food safety, food industry standards of other countries as well as testing done by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency on foods that are imported. This program also looks at the controversy surrounding the "Product of Canada" label. CTV Television Network, 2007. (20 min. ; $1.62) 


Say “Know” To Diets 
Grades  7-9
This program teaches teens to recognize the difference between fad diets and a healthy lifestyle of nutrition and exercise. Viewers will learn about the health risks of being overweight, but they will also learn to reject the unreasonable -- and often unhealthy -- body types that are commonly presented in the media. Armed with the information they need to take care of their bodies, your students will have the opportunity to develop a confident self-image that will serve them well as they embark on a lifetime of healthy choices. Human Relations Media, 2007. (20 min. ; $1.62) 


The Weight of the World 
Grades 10-12
It's been called the world's first man-made epidemic, and it's killing us. In this riveting documentary, Dr. Stephan Rossner of Stockholm, an expert on obesity, leads us through startling evidence of how our society has created this toxic environment. Cheaper production, supersized fast foods, and a $12 billion advertising industry are lethal when mixed with a car-dominated culture, urban sprawl and labour-saving technologies. Although North America is the epicentre of obesity, this disease is being exported worldwide as a by-product of western culture. Featuring lively animation and hard-hitting science, The Weight of the World reveals that obesity is not an individual problem, but one that requires changes in public policies and attitudes. National Film Board, 2004. (51 min. ; $1.62)