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Exercise and Fitness

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Exercise for Life 
Health 7-9 ; Physical Education
This video looks at why regular physical activity is so important, in terms of physical, social, emotional and intellectual health. This program examines the amount of exercise required per day, per week, and the different types of physical activities and organizations that individuals can participate in. Video Education Australasia, 2003. (21 min. ; $1.62)


Fitness for Every Lifestyle  
Health 10-12 ; Physical Education
Part of the Journey to Health series, this video relates the importance of fitness to one's quality of life and ability to cope with the demands of everyday living.  It also demonstrates new techniques for encouraging the development of physical fitness early in life and explores the components of fitness and a fitness program. Dallas County Community College District, 2003. (29 min. ; $1.62) 


Health: Begin the Journey 
Health 10-12 ; Physical Education
Part of the Journey to Health series , this video offers the student fundamental theories for examining health issues facing the United States through the insight of the former Surgeon General. Introduces the concept of the relatedness of the mind, body and spirit in sustaining health. Dallas County Community College District, 2003. (29 min. ; $1.62) 


Hip Hop : Dancing in your Chair 
Health P-12 ; Physical Education
Here's exercise that's easy and fun, and no one has to leave their seat to get into it! An exciting, all-original soundtrack, innovative choreography and dynamic dancers deliver a rhythmic workout that energizes and inspires all ages and abilities. Try these one-minute activities to build strength, flexibility and endurance. Appropriate for all ages. Learning Zone Xpress, 2007. (25 min. ; $1.62) 


Playground Safety 
Health P-2 ; Physical Education
Children learn that by acting properly on the playground equipment they will have more fun and reduce injuries. Children learn playground rules—using equipment for its designed purpose, taking turns, what to do when approached by strangers, and what to do if someone is injured. School Media, Inc., 2006. (15 min. ; $1.62) 


Rainy Day PE 
Health P-3 ; Physical Education
Features aerobics to music staying in personal space with "boogie" warm-ups featuring arm movements (clapping, stretching, circling, patty cake, and swimming), body movements (arms moving with hips, trunk twisting, neck twisting), and leg movements (marching, jumping, slow jogging, double jumps, grapevine step, celebration hand jive dance). Also features rhythm activity using lummi sticks to music. School Media, Inc., 2004. (26 min. ; $1.62) 


Rainy Day Recess (primary) 
Health P-3 ; Physical Education
Enjoy the perfect indoor recess. This exercise program is designed especially for the recess break. This creative workout is divided into three equal parts—"Alphabet Boogie" warm-up, "Recess Rumble" aerobic workout, and "Follow the Leader" cool down. Features rhythmic activities utilizing all muscle groups. These easy-to-use routines are designed to be performed at students' desks. School Media, Inc., 1999. (11 min. ; $1.62) 


Rainy Day Recess (intermediate) 
Health 3-5 ; Physical Education
Maximize classroom space and have fun with this invigorating program. Students will look forward to bad weather once they've experienced the Geography Jam and other new moves. Get heart rates up to refresh students and prepare them for more learning. School Media, Inc., 1999. (12 min. ; $1.62)