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English Language Arts

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Animal Alphabet 
English Language Arts P-2
Introduce students to the alphabet's 26 letters by engaging their natural curiosity about the animal kingdom. From "ant" to "zebra", the video features animals familiar and exotic. Fun, easy-to-read graphics are reinforced with simple alliterative phrases. Discovery Communications, 2005. (21 min. ; $1.62)


Chicka Chicka 1-2-3  
English Language Arts P-2 ; Music P-2 ; Math - Grade Primary
Based on the book by Bill Martin Jr., Michael Sampson and Lois Ehlert, this animated film will have children singing and counting along with the dancing numbers. Weston Woods, 2005. (6 min. ; $1.62) 


Diary of a Worm 
English Language Arts P-3 ; Science P-3
Based on the book by Doreen Cronin, this animated film chronicles the ups and downs of being a worm and teaches children facts about worms. Weston Woods, 2004. (8 min. ; $1.62) 


The Ezra Jack Keats Library 
English Language Arts P-3
This video is a collection of well known stories by Ezra Jack Keats. Titles in this collection: The Snowy Day, Whistle for Willie, Peter's Chair, Letter to Amy, Apt. 3, Pet Show!, and The Trip. This video also includes the 6-minute, Getting to Know Ezra Jack Keats which was filmed in 1970 and features Keats discussing what influenced his work as a children's book author and illustrator. Weston Woods, 2005. (52 min. ; $1.62) ,


From Book to Film
English Language Arts 10-12; Film and Video 12
Sheldon Cohen is a multi-award winning animator, director and children's book illustrator. His animated films, based on short stories by acclaimed writers, include universal themes for everyone to enjoy. this compilation celebrates 30 years of his work and includes The Sweater (11 min.), Show Cat (15 min.), I Want a Dog (11 min.), Pies (13 min.) and Dreams Come True : A Sheldon Cohen Retrospective (13 min.). National Film Board, 2005. (61 min. ; $1.62)


Literature Alive
English Language Arts 10-12 ; African Canadian Studies 11
Literature Alive is a documentary series that profiles Caribbean-Canadian authors explore their lives and creative processes. In doing so, we discover the links between personal experience, ancestry, and migration; between Canada and the Caribbean; between an artist and their art. Leda Serene Films, 2006.

  • Louise Bennet : "Miss Lou" then and now
    Louise Bennett is a Jamaican icon. The country's leading author, poet, and comedienne, Miss Lou pioneered the use of the Jamaican language, raising the patois dialect to an art level and reflecting the truth and essence of Jamaican life. In this remarkable interview conducted by Leonie Forbes, Louise reflects upon her rich life story and her illustrious body of work. (25 min. ; $1.62)
  • Dwayne Morgan : the man behind the mic
    In this portrait of enterprising young poet/promoter/producer Dwayne Morgan, we witness his tireless efforts to mount rousing literary and music events in Toronto, and to bring his spoken word poetry to an ever-expanding and always appreciative audience. (25 min. ; $1.62)
  • Richardo Keens-Douglas : believe
    Children's author Richardo Keens-Douglas is first and foremost a storyteller. Performing his work for young audiences, we see him inspire the children to believe in themselves and have pride in their cultural heritage. Richardo speaks to us candidly about the importance of this message and about his struggle, as a young man, to find confidence in his identity. (25 min. ; $1.62)
  • Olive Senior : gardening with Olive
    In a lush greenhouse, we join author Olive Senior to discuss her interest in gardens and birds, imagery that appears again and again in her poetry and prose. We also talk about her recent departure from fiction, with the release of her comprehensive Encyclopedia of Jamaican Culture. (25 min. ; $1.62)


Open Wide : Tooth School Inside 
English Language Arts P-3 ; Health P-3
Based on the book by Laurie Keller, this animated film makes learning about teeth entertaining and interesting. Presenting fascinating facts and tasty tidbits about teeth and dental hygiene, this lively cast of characters will have viewers happily reaching for their toothbrushes.  Weston Woods, 2006. (18 min. ; $1.62) 


Seasons and Changes 
English Language Arts P-3
This enchanting video adaptation of award-winning, outstanding children's literature will help to make books come alive for every child, no matter their learning style. This classroom collection includes these 3 titles: The Mysterious Tadpole, by Steven Kellog; The Caterpillar and the Polliwog, by Jack Kent; and, Time of Wonder, by Robert McCloskey. Weston Woods, 2003. (29 min. ; $1.62) 


The Sweater
English Language Arts P-3 ; Stories on Film
In this animated short, Roch Carrier recounts the most mortifying moment of his childhood. At a time when all his friends worshipped Maurice "Rocket" Richard and wore his number 9 Canadiens hockey jersey, he was mistakenly sent a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey from Eaton's. Unable to convince his mother to send it back, he must face his friends wearing the colours of the opposing team. This short film, based on the book The Hockey Sweater, is an NFB classic that appeals to hockey lovers of all ages. National Film Board, 1980. (11 min. ; $1.62)


The Wheels on the Bus 
English Language Arts P-1 ; Music P-1
Based on the book by Paul O. Zelinsky, this animated film brings to life one of the most well-known and classic children's songs. Weston Woods, 2005. (6 min. ; $1.62)