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Bully Smart Series
Grades 3-5
This 4-DVD set explores positive ways to recognize and deal with bullying situations. Students are encouraged to work together to build a zero-tolerance policy toward bullying, while practicing skills that will both prevent and reduce bullying problems. This series also looks at why people bully and how to spot bullying in oneself. Titles include: Don't Stand By (15 min.), Five Ways to Stop a Bully (15 min.), Are You a Bully? (20 min.), and Help! I'm a Bully (15 min.). Human Relations Media, 2006. (65 min. ; $6.84)


Bully Dance
Grades P-9
The "stick people" in Bully Dance are imaginary, but this gritty tale of childhood bullying is all too familiar. Like the dance beat pulsating throughout the film, the bully's intimidation of a smaller victim is unrelenting. Whild this video offers no simple solutions, it does compel viewers - teachers, parents and children - to take stock of their actions and to find ways to end the painful experience of peer abuse. National Film Board, 2000). (11 min. ; $1.62)


Feather Boy 
Grades 4-6
This six-part series is adapted from the award winning children's book, Feather Boy by Nicky Singer. The story is about Robert Nobel, a boy who despairs of his newly divorced parents. Robert is the butt of classroom jokes and a victim of Niker the classroom bully. He is haunted by dreams that seem to tell the future as well as the past. His life changes when a storyteller invites some of his class to Mayfield House, a place Robert has already dreamed about. There he meets a spiky old lady called Edith Sorrel who chooses him as her partner. He embarks on a series of events that will change their lives forever. Appropriate for use with grades 4-6. BBC Productions, 2004. (180 min. ; $9.60)


In Other Words 
Grades 7-12
Name-calling and cruel language hurt, say the teens who speak in this documentary video. Homophobic language is a common verbal put-down among young people, but many adults feel uncomfortable responding. In Other Words speaks directly to teens and offers a valuable tool to teachers, counselors and community youth leaders who want to explore the homophobic language heard in schools and other youth hangouts--the words themselves, their origins, how young people feel about them, and how to overcome the hurt and anger they cause. Moving interviews with gay, lesbian and transgender teens provide first-hand accounts. Weaving together slang, music media images and dictionary definitions, the film examines how language shapes attitude. The video is designed to foster change, to ensure that schools are safe places where youth can learn in a climate of respect. Teacher preview recommended. National Film Board, 2001. (27 min. ; $1.62)


One of Them
Grades 7-12
A group of high school students plans events to raise awareness about racism, sexism and homophobia. Jamie is shocked when she and her best friend become victims of homophobic name-calling. But she must face up to her own reactions as she realizes that her friend is one of them, and needs her support. And Jamie's boyfriend must decide if he will support Jamie. Teacher preview recommended. National Film Board, 2000. (26 min. ; $1.62)


See a Bully! Stop a Bully!
Grades P-2
Bullying expert Detective Bill E. Finder shows young elementary students how they can become "Junior Bullying Detectives." Using his old case files, Detective Bill helps viewers identify various types of bullying, appreciate how the targets of bullying feel, and gain insight into what children really think about bullies. This lively program helps viewers consider the consequences of their own behavior, understand the behavior of others, and feel comfortable turning to adults for support. Sunburst, 2006. (15 min. ; $1.62)


We're In, You're Out : Looking At Cliques 
Grades 3-5
Finding their niche in a particular social group can be the most important focus in a youngster's life. The idea of being left out or not belonging to a particular group can make kids miserable. This program helps youngsters look at the positive and negative impact of cliques on both individuals and groups. Sunburst, 2005. (16 min. ; $1.62)


You're Mean! : When Words Hurt Us
Grades P-5
This age-appropriate program helps children understand that words can hurt—whether the insults are intentional or the inadvertent result of "trying to be funny." Four common school and home vignettes identify the power of words: a know-it-all who tries to boss others around, a playground bully who enjoys picking on other children, a teacher’s pet who relishes seeing other students make mistakes, and an older sibling whose sarcastic banter distresses her little brother. Each vignette includes a positive outcome where children find a way to stand up for themselves and overcome the power of hurtful words. Techniques include: Stand Up for Yourself, Ignore the Bully, Explain How the Words Make You Feel, and Seek Help From an Adult. Human Relations Media, 2007. (13 min. ; $1.62)