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Pricing & Payment Options

Prices apply to schools and school boards within the province of Nova Scotia only.
(prices in effect as of July 1, 2012)

Product Price Extended Price (tax incl.)
DVD $1.41 $1.62
VHS - 120 min $1.41 $1.62
VHS -  60 min $1.22 $1.40
VHS -  40 min $1.08 $1.24
VHS -  30 min $1.01 $1.16
VHS -  20 min $0.98 $1.13


Payment Options:

Invoice (bill to school): Schools will receive invoices for dubbing requests made by their teachers.

Standing Order: The standing order program works by setting a prepaid "account" of $25, $50, $100, or any other amount. The cost for each video request is subtracted from the account with no need for additional billing. To set up a standing order, send us a cheque, made out to the Minister of Finance, along with the name and address of the school. We will keep a record of stock used and notify schools when their prepaid order is getting low.

Cash (pick up at Media Library): Teachers who wish to pick up their order(s) in person, may pay for them in cash upon pick-up.

Purchase Order (requires Purchase Order #): School Boards should fax or mail their purchase order along with their dubbing order to ensure efficient processing.

    For details or more information on billing options, please contact:

    Heather Jewers
    Learning Resources and Technology
    PO Box 578
    2021 Brunswick St, 4th Floor
    Halifax NS B3J 2S9
    Phone: 902-424-2463