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Holocaust  (grades 8-12)
During World War II some twelve million people were killed by the Nazis in death camps. For the first time researchers are now gaining access to fifty million Nazi files that describe the mechanics of this mass murder, now known as the Holocaust. (2006 ; 6 min.)


We Must Never Forget: The Story of the Holocaust  (grades 8-12)
This award-winning program makes the tragic events of the 1930s and 1940s relevant to young people today. We Must Never Forget reviews the historical context of the Holocaust, including the long tradition of anti-Semitism in Central Europe, the aftermath of World War I in Germany, the Great Depression, and the rise of Adolf Hitler. But the most affecting portion of the program is an extended interview with Holocaust survivor Rosa Katz who tells her chilling and dramatic story. Please preview prior to using this video as it contains subject matter which may not be appropriate for all audiences. (1994 ; 35 min.)


Show Way  (grades 6-8)
From the Reading Rainbow series. Finding our heritage through family stories and artifacts provides a mirror to the past and a window to the future. "Family Keepsakes" - LeVar shares a picture of author Jacqueline Woodson with a quilt from her family, and also shares some of his family keepsakes. What's Special In Your Family?" - Kids talk about the connection they have to family keepsakes. "Grandmother Celia's Survival Story" - A Jewish grandmother shares how as a youngster she survived the Holocaust, and why it's important to have her family know the story. "Making A Family Tree" - LeVar and his family create their family tree. (2006 ; 29 min.)


The Decade of 1940-1949  (grades 8-12)
From the Remarkable 20th Century series. The decade of the 1940s was dominated by World War II. The war helped pull the U.S. out of the Depression, and women flooded the labor market in an attempt to fill the labor vacuum left when the men went to war. Meanwhile in Germany, millions of Jews were being herded into concentration camps. But, the Holocaust resulted in more than just confinement in camps, it resulted in mass murder. (1999 ; 56 min.)


Germany News Stories  (grades 8-12)
Run Time: [24:00]
What's school like for German kids? How do Germans display national pride in light of their country's Nazi past? Do you know the difference between a breakfast sausage and a dinner sausage? American high school students report from Germany on the lifestyle and history of this European powerhouse. Segments include: leisure time, education, architecture, food, Holocaust, Berlin Wall, economy, and transportation. (2005 ; 24 min.)


Standing Tall at Auschwitz  (grades 8-12)
At first, their story sounds like a fairy tale. A family of seven dwarfs charms an evil doctor into sparing their lives. However, this story does not come from the Brothers Grimm. It happened at Auschwitz. This program details the story of the Ovitz family, the Seven Dwarfs of Auschwitz, and their unlikely protector, Dr. Josef Mengele. Please preview prior to using this video, as this video contains graphic scenes of bodies. (2006 ; 46 min.)



Photographs you can download
*appropriate for grades 8-12

The Holocaust: The Buchenwald Concentration Camp

Remains of Concentration Camp

Railway to Concentration Camp