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Hour of Code

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The Computer  (grades 6-12)
This episode of Modern Marvels traces the development of the computer from a primitive 19th century mechanical calculating machine to the sophisticated personal computers of today. The Creation of the Computer highlights the trials and tribulations of the century-long evolution of the computer; from an impractical, cost-prohibitive vacuum tube machine to the palm-sized, micro-chip computers that are as much a part of American life and business as the television or telephone. (2001 ; 51 min.)


Coding  (grades 9-12)
The complicated coding "on the back side" of apps is described and illustrated. App designers learn about server-side technology, testing algorithm design, load testing, and beta testing. (2012 ; 5 min.). This is a clip from the full video “Mobile App Development and Deployment”. To access the full video, please click here: http://learn360.infobase.com/PortalPlaylists.aspx?wID=114538&xtid=47490


Data Mining: Big Data's Increasing Challenge and Payoff  (grades 9-12)
As the amount of information available for analysis grows with every bar-code scan and Facebook post, the world of Big Data represents a seemingly endless wellspring of opportunity. But what does data mining involve, exactly? How are the findings used, and why? This program explores the methods, processes, and key functions of data analysis and highlights its uses in business, from marketing to risk analysis to retail sales statistics. Privacy and other ethical issues round out the list of topics discussed in this timely, in-depth film. (2012 ; 25 min.)


Computers  (grades 6-12)
With a simple series of 1s and 0s, these machines have transformed nearly every aspect of our lives. Modern Marvels explores the history and development of the modern computer. See how computers work and how they serve us in scientific experiments, national defense, business, and our personal lives. Look to the future as experts speculate on such things as artificial intelligence and molecular computers. Even with the breakneck speed of advances in computer technology, some believe the age of computing is still in its infancy. (2001 ; 46 min.)


Career Options - Engineering: Computer Software Engineer  (grades 9-12)
Learn about Elisabeth Paul's job as a computer software engineer, why she chose this career, what challenges she has encountered, the skills and education required, and how she spends her free time. (2006 ; 5 min.)


Bill Gates  (grades 6-12)
From computer geek to richest man in the world, Microsoft founder Bill Gates lives a life dreamed of by thousands of gawky, shortsighted computer whizzes. Gates made his first $20,000 as a 14-year old through a venture that provided computerized traffic data. He set up Microsoft in 1975 while still in college, and within 10 years the company's MS-DOS operating system dominated the personal computer market. (2008 ; 5 min.)


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Mother COBOL  (grades 10-12)
Call Number: V8170
This is an edited version of an address made by Captain Grace Hopper, pioneer computer scientist, to the Nova Scotia Mathematics Teachers' Association. She was the third programmer on the world's first large-scale digital computer and is credited with the development of COBOL. She recounts in a humorous way, her experiences from World War II and discusses computer use and abuse of the time. (1981 ; 56 min.)  


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